Education in the Time of Ebola: Kids Engagement Project

According to campaign group The Global Business Coalition for Education, five million children are affected by school closures in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Ebola Deeply

Kick Ebola From Liberia - Audio

How are kids keeping busy while schools are closed during the Ebola crisis? Listen to this story, from our second episode, about the Kids Educational Engagement Project to find out. BBC Action Media

Concerned Liberian Mother Reaches Out to Kids

As Ebola has shut down schools around Liberia, a young Liberian mother, Brenda Brewer Moore has taken on the task of making sure that the youngest in the society are not left behind educationally. Nordic Africa News

Kids Engagement Project Aid 8th Grade Teacher

Sixteen-Year old James Fahnbulleh's heroic story about teaching youngsters forced out of school because of Ebola in his Island Clinic Community touched the kids' engagement project, which recently paid a visit to Fahnbulleh's Home school to present a consignment of educational materials.