Kids Engagement Project Launches Annual Enrichment Program

Most schools officially ended their academic school year in late June or first week July. Many private schools will run 4-5 weeks of vacation school programs that will cater to their students, offering other academic activities beyond the regular courses offered.

Royal Hotel Engages Reading Culture, Offers 50% of Food Sales For KEEP

Liberia’s literacy rate among youth has been determined to be 63.5% according to UNICEF 2013 report.

KEEP Laments Youngsters Struggle to Recognize Words

KEEP its support TO various educational activities in Liberia and as part of those efforts, the organization recently started a campaign called “I Can Read” which promotes reading in early learners.

Liberian President Pays Encouragement Tour to Kids Education Project

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visited a learning center on July 23 operated by the Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) in Paynesville.

KEEP Celebrates Day of the African Child

On June 16 the Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) joined thousands of other organizations and people around Africa to celebrate the Day of the African Child in commemoration of children who were killed in South Africa in 1976 in demand for their right to be taught in their own language and protesting the poor quality of their education.